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With a heavy trivalve heart
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(3:10:38 PM)
CJ: now I need a time machine more than ever
(3:13:04 PM) Sekatsim: What would you do with it?
(3:14:20 PM) Sekatsim: it's not like you'd actually get shrimp
(3:14:21 PM) CJ: go back in time millions of years to create conditions that would allow an ocean on mars
(3:14:28 PM) CJ: than go get shrimp 5 years ago
(3:15:11 PM) Sekatsim: That makes too much sense, and is an awful lot of trouble to go for shrimp in 2004
(3:15:27 PM) CJ: except
(3:15:34 PM) CJ: that when I create an ocean on mars
(3:15:39 PM) CJ: I create life
(3:16:00 PM) CJ: and the two planets discover each other around the 16th century
(3:16:26 PM) Sekatsim: Time travel always goes wrong
(3:17:08 PM) CJ: so history unfolds completely differently as the world is still largely united by the catholic church and the entire economy is converted to slave labor for the warrior and religious castes to destroy what they see as an insult to god
(3:18:33 PM) CJ: while the mars people live in a socialist paradise, and all offers of trading their superior cultural and technological knowledge are rebuked by humans that have made no effort to translate their language
(3:18:48 PM) Sekatsim: Such sadness
(3:21:02 PM) CJ: So mankind slowly destroys itself, until it is with a heavy trivalve heart that the people of mars decide that they must destroy us if we present such a threat to them, as they are in contact with other civilizations I have accidentally created for other free fast food and realize that humanity could ruin the universe
(3:21:16 PM) CJ: I am a god undone by his own creation

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you know, just going to the store and buying some shrimp would be a whole lot faster and cheaper than this crazy scheme...

and thanks to this post...my craving for tiger shrimp has been rekindled. THANKS A LOT. now, I am going to have to procure some.

But would it make me one with the gods?

I doubt it...but, you would probably have your shrimp by now.

would you have me any other way?

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