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Sad Girls Por Vida

On hold, line two, still crying

CJ: Prince Indie of the Douchebag Isles
3 September
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I am CJ. I am probably a wretched man, the kind you'd see uttering prophecies on a busy street corner. Only my prophecies have a lot more to do with Mighty Bomb Jack than anything else.
Please recognize this to be my friend
This is my not-so-secret new livejournal that no one is supposed to know about since I deleted my other one.
4ad, achewood, anticon, anticon beards, atom and his package, bubble bobble, canadian rap, castlevania, conan the cimmerian, dragon quest, folk art, folk beards, folk drug paraphernalia, folk music, guided by voices, inexplicable rage, involuntary hipsterdom, itunes library/dick size, jeffrey lewis, jerkcity, k records, kobolds, ladyfans, losing touch with friends, maritime law, my dog xanax, nanook of the north, neutral milk hotel, noise pop, sad bastards, sad bastards with beards, scottish indie, self loathing, self loathing as art, shitty sega games, slayer (but only ironically), terrible vinyl, the delgados, vegetarianism